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civil2ABLE Engineering’s civil division develops practical and cost-efficient solutions for the natural and physical environment of your project. This includes site services, such as, water connections and drainage, sewage, grading, parking, road access and road design.

Other civil engineering services include erosion prevention and containment, and development of septic systems and treatment plants.

Whether working on a public or private sector project, our team applies decades of knowledge and engineering skills to ensure smooth delivery of services and superior functionality of the systems on your building site.

Here are some of our Civil Engineering projects. Click on any project for photo(s) and a detailed description:


LaHave River Cleanup

With the recent signing of a contract to design approximately 600 new on-site sewage disposal systems along the Lahave River for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL), ABLE Engineering begins its fourth project solving a rural community sewage management problem in Nova Scotia, by fixing things one home at a time. Read more...