J.W. Johnston Building

This original Eaton’s Store, built in 1925, was bought and converted 75 years later to offices for the Province of Nova Scotia. The original building had its top two floors removed. These housed the elevator mechanical and sprinkler storage tanks. Three elevators and a stairwell were removed at one end of the building and a new elevator and stairwell were constructed at the opposite end.  The false roof level was removed and a new mechanical penthouse was built on the top level of the building. To accommodate all these structural changes the building was reinforced for additional loads and a cross bracing system was introduced from the basement level up to the 7th level.


LaHave River Cleanup

With the recent signing of a contract to design approximately 600 new on-site sewage disposal systems along the Lahave River for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL), ABLE Engineering begins its fourth project solving a rural community sewage management problem in Nova Scotia, by fixing things one home at a time. Read more...