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industrialWhen it comes to heavy duty projects that require reliable engineering to ensure a safe workplace,  ABLE uses its expertise to design structural and mechanical systems that are both safe and practical.

Whether it is determining electrical system requirements or calculating the steel structures needed to support buildings or work platforms, our team will design your workspace to meet your needs.

Have an industrial site that requires inventory control or containment? ABLE Engineering also provides detailed assessments of materials stored on site by volume so you can track exactly how much bulk material you have on hand.

On the civil engineering side, we will make sure you have ample space for access roads and parking, along with work and storage space for heavy commercial equipment.


LaHave River Cleanup

With the recent signing of a contract to design approximately 600 new on-site sewage disposal systems along the Lahave River for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL), ABLE Engineering begins its fourth project solving a rural community sewage management problem in Nova Scotia, by fixing things one home at a time. Read more...