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governmentABLE Engineering is the official surveyor firm of the Municipality of Chester, and we have worked on a variety civil and structural engineering of projects for all levels of government.

Our governmental work ranges from areas such as survey work establishing boundaries for the purposes of expropriating land to designing of infrastructure for roads and services.

In addition, some of our structural engineering includes the work we performed for community projects, such as, the Port Hawesbury Civic Centre, the Port Hawesbury Justice and the Yarmouth Mariner’s Centre, an arena and show complex.  ABLE also provided the structural engineering for a three-storey addition to the province’s Johnstone building in downtown Halifax.


LaHave River Cleanup

With the recent signing of a contract to design approximately 600 new on-site sewage disposal systems along the Lahave River for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL), ABLE Engineering begins its fourth project solving a rural community sewage management problem in Nova Scotia, by fixing things one home at a time. Read more...