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developersABLE Engineering provides a one-stop shop for developers looking for an engineering partner to meet all of their civil engineering, structural engineering and electrical / mechanical system design needs.

Whether you are building a subdivision, a retail complex or virtually any type of development, our experienced professional team offer creativity, flexibility and a hands-on approach.

One example of ABLE’s versatility is our work at Harbour Isles, a premier waterfront development in Dartmouth. ABLE Engineering was privileged to be the original civil design consultant on the project since 2008. We have provided survey and civil engineering consulting, focusing on site and road design and construction inspection services.


LaHave River Cleanup

With the recent signing of a contract to design approximately 600 new on-site sewage disposal systems along the Lahave River for the Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL), ABLE Engineering begins its fourth project solving a rural community sewage management problem in Nova Scotia, by fixing things one home at a time. Read more...